The procession of misteri

 The Procession of the Misteri takes place beginning from Holy Friday to the midday of Saturday. It is a rite of fundamental importance for the town recovering its own cultural identity. Protagonist and spectator of it is the people that offers a extraordinary and unforgettable scenery. The streets are full of people, of all ages and social classes, admiring the Holy Groups that pass by along the streets of the centre.

Presently the Maestranze (the Workers), in a big competition among them, are eighteen, plus the two simulacrum of Dead Jesus and of Our Mary of Sorrows, and represents the Passion and the Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Made of wood by craftsmen of Trapani in the XVII and XVIII century, they are very heavy. more than ten men, called “massari”, are employed for every simulacrum.

Each one of these is furnished with various floral decorations and with precious ornaments, and has a peculiar beauty. In their proceeding the massari make several typical movements, such as “the annacata”, that is the rhythmic swinging, “a vutata”, that are determined by the very animated sound of the musical bands accompanying the groups of “Misteri”.
Prayers, songs, vows, faith combined with one of the most ancient religious traditions in Europe: the Misteri procession of Trapani is an outstanding evidence of the most intimate and spiritual character of Sicily.

The procession of misteri